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Comprehensive Notes

For almost a decade, we have been helping our students attain their goals. Over the years, our unique way of teaching has proven to be very effective. Our resource persons have developed a comprehensive set of study material that we constantly update. This has benefited not only NET aspirants but also those of other competitive examinations in English literature. Such a thorough set is unavailable in English Literature anywhere else.

Detailed List of Books included in Comprehensive Notes:

1-UGC-NET Complete Guide: This book contains extensive essays on Literary History, important topics culled from previous NET exams, a set of objective questions and a question bank.

2-Literary History and Theory (Book I): This book is in two parts. The first section offers a brief survey of British Literary History from the time of Chaucer up to the Twentieth Century and encompasses all genres of literature. The second section deals with Literary Theories.

3-Analysis of Literary Texts (Book-II): Summaries and critical analysses of selected canonical works of literature.

4-Literary Criticism (Book-III) Is a study of major Literary Critics.

5-Language Studies and Commonwealth & American Literature: This book covers major topics in Language Studies as well as Commonwealth and American Literatures.

6-Compact Guide for Quick Revision: Powerpoint slides packed with key words.

7-Indian Writing in English: A very useful book covering all major topics in the area, written by eminent academics.

8-English Language Teaching: A good introductory book on the topic

9-Glimpses of British Literature: Sample Answers on literary works from Britain.

10-What About Theory?: A relevant book for students to discover Literary Theory.

11-Es-say it on English Literature: A work that covers genres Identity and Themes, Images & Metaphors’ in Literature in 3 parts.

12-UGC-NET Paper I: A set of 35 Practice Test papers each containing 50 questions on the 10 units of paper I.

13-A Handbook on Objective Questions and Sample answers.

14-18-Treasurehouse of Multiple Choice Questions in English Literature

19-Easy Handbook on Literature

20-Easy Handbook on Indian Literature

21-Easy Handbook for HSA, HSST Exams

22-Just Read English Literature, an advanced book of objective questions

23-Upkar-Pratyogita Darpan Book for PAPER I, totally free along with the entire set


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