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From Objective Questions (Page 399)

1.    Theatres were closed down in the year ________.  (1642)

2.    Dryden’s All for Love shares the theme of Shakespeare’s ______________. (Antony and Cleopatra)

3.    An Essay Concerning Human Understanding was written by ______________. (John Locke)

4.    The Vanity of Dogmatizing was written by _____________. (Joseph Glanvill)

5.    Who said, “True wit is nature to advantage dressed, / What oft was thought, but ne'er so well expressed”?  (Pope in “An Essay on Criticism”)

6.    Dr. Primrose is a character in _____________. (The Vicar of Wakefield)

7.    Neo-classical satire has been influenced by the classical Roman satirists ________ and __________. (Horace and Juvenal)

8.    Moral Essays were written by __________. (Alexander Pope)

9.    Swift’s The Battle of Books was written as a result of the publication of an essay on ancient and modern learning by _____________. (William Temple)

10.    Johnson’s Dictionary was published in the year _____________. (1755)

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