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From Question Bank (a random selection)

1.    How far was the Gothic Romance a harbinger of the Romantic tradition in fiction?

2.    The classical and the romantic meet in the poetry of the graveyard poets. Elucidate.

3.    Write a note on the features of Jonathan Swift’s prose.

4.    Comment on the epistolary mode used by 18th century novelists.

5.    What are Coleridge’s views on fancy and imagination?

6.    In what respect does Coleridge disagree with Wordsworth on his theory of poetry?

7.    What did Keats mean by “negative capability”?

8.    Modernism in fiction was a reaction to the hegemony of realism” Substantiate.

9.    Comment on the mythical method of Modernist poets.

10.    Discuss the concept of ‘metropolis’ in Modernist fiction.

11.    Describe the stream of consciousness technique as used by James Joyce or Virginia Woolf.

12.    How far is ‘Self-reflexivity’ a feature of modernism?

13.    What do you mean by Canon-formation in Literature?

14.    What is the concept of Intertextuality?

15.    On what grounds do modernism and post-modernism differ?


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