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Book on Literary History and Literary Theory


Section One: British Literary History

1.    Chapter One    Introduction to the Period of Chaucer

2.    Chapter Two        Origins of English Drama

3.    Chapter Three    The Full Tide of the Renaissance

4.    Chapter Four    Early Tudor Poetry

5.    Chapter Five    Early Elizabethan Drama

6.    Chapter Six    Shakespeare

7.    Chapter Seven    Post-Shakespearean Drama: Ben Jonson

8.    Chapter Eight    Elizabethan Poetry After Spenser

9.    Chapter Nine    Elizabethan Prose Writers

10.    Chapter Ten    Seventeenth Century Poetry

11.    Chapter Eleven    Seventeenth Century Prose

12.    Chapter Twelve    Restoration Comedy

13.    Chapter Thirteen    The Beginnings of Modern prose

14.    Chapter Fourteen    Poetry of the Eighteenth Century

15.    Chapter Fifteen    Journalism and the Essay

16.    Chapter Sixteen    Satire

17.    Chapter Seventeen    The Rise of the Modern Novel

18.    Chapter Eighteen    Later Novels of the 18th Century

19.    Chapter Nineteen    Drama in the 18th Century

20.    Chapter Twenty    The New Poetry of the Transitional Period

21.    Chapter Twenty-one    Romantic Poets

22.    Chapter Twenty-two    Novelists of the romantic period

23.    Chapter Twenty-three    Victorian Poetry

24.    Chapter Twenty-four    Victorian Novelists

25.    Chapter Twenty-five    Twentieth Century Poetry

26.    Chapter Twenty-six    Modernist Fiction

Section Two: Literary Theory

1.    New Criticism

2.    Formalism

3.    Structuralism

4.    Post-Structuralism

5.    Deconstruction

6.    Postmodernism

7.    Feminism

8.    Postcolonialism


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