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prasanthVallaths TES is not simply a NET coaching institution, it helps to approach English Literature in a quite different sense... I wonder seeing many young aspirants all over India using the study materials prepared by Dr. Kalyani Vallath for every MPhil/PhD entrance exams both secretly and publicly. It's just amazing...!!! No other institution in India can provide such a great support to the students of English Literature as Vallaths TES does... It's not easy to give orientation in a subject like literature.. Can't express it, you are unbelievably dedicated Kalyani mam...

Jubina Rosa's MPhil and my NET... Both are your gifts...!!! Thank you very much...

Prasanth P S, Roll No - 13300006

GopalTes has changed many many peoples lives.It changed my life also. Kalyani madam knows what to teach how to teach and remember. I have passed Net because of the classes and study material from Tes.Tes is like University.It is like temple where we worship knowledge. I am very lucky that i found God like figure in the form of Kalyani Vallath Director of TES from Kerala .She taught me for 1 year without any fees or free.I cant say anything more.Thank you mam. May God b with u.

Mr.Gopal Rathod

abhayaWith God's grace, my parents' blessings and friends' support I qualified NET. I would not have accomplished this without the meticulous guidance of Dr. Kalyani Vallath. Kalyani ma'm has given us a thorough knowledge of all aspects of literature which is invaluable for an academic career. Also, unlike any other institution, TES offers an activity-based platform for learning literature. The daily rounds of "Rapid Fire" aided me to improve my knowledge level and competence. Along with the elaborate lectures interspersed with regular tests those comprehensive notes were the perfect icing on the cake. The notes prepared by Dr Kalyani Vallath are a keepsake for ever. Thank you ma'am for motivating me and helping me build a sound career.

Abhaya Krishnan, Roll No - 32300001

dianaThe best is yet to beÖ.

Qualifying NET is like solving a puzzle. TES will show you the right direction to solve the puzzle. All you have to do is to work hard to walk in the path they show. A real pilgrimís progress.

I qualified NET in my 5th attempt. After 4 attempts I decided to quit my job and meet Dr Kalyani Vallath. Míam had a totally different teaching methodology which helped to gain an insight how to attain my goal.

Two categories of students qualify NET:

  1. Mainly Luck + a little knowledge
  2. Knowledge + a little luck

The first lesson I learned from TES is to have the right attitude. You should never study to pass an exam, but you should study to gain knowledge. Also, enjoy what you learn.

Before reaching TES, I referred all the major texts such as Oxford Companion, Edward Albert, David Daiches, Pramod K Nayar, MAR Habib, Peter Barry, M H Abrams and the list goes on. But I understood it is impossible to learn all these books by myself. But míam helped me learn more than these in a mere five months. The Comprehensive Encyclopedia which she follows in the class is a compilation of all the major literary texts as well as information from prominent websites. So I had to refer only her book for the materials which made my preparation so easy.

The teaching methodology adopted in kalyani maímís class made every student of TES to fall in love with the subject. It is no exaggeration to say that we learned a lot more in five months than what we learned in five years in college. The pre-teaching as well as post-teaching activities encouraged us to read more about the topics. NET preparation is incomplete without revision. The question answer sessions in the class not only helped us to remember facts, but also gave us confidence to give content packed answers in interviews.

After reaching TES, you qualify NET not because of mere luck, but you become deserve to gain NET with your knowledge.

You are not the same again after TES.

Diana Joseph, Roll No - 32300038


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